Martha Speaks: Martha and Skits Out West Book

Product Description

Martha hopes to join a cattle drive during a ranch vacation in Montana but discourages Cookie the cowhand after accidentally causing a stampede. This Martha and Skits Out West Book features a glossary of terms and activity suggestions.
Martha's family and Skits are going out west on vacation and Martha doesn't want to be left behind. She's scared of the cargo hold where dogs have to travel. Martha has to prove that she's no scaredydog if she wants to go on the trip. After they arrive, Martha is so excited to go on a cattle drive through Montana, but Cookie the cowhand isn't so sure that Martha is fit for the trip after she causes a stampede. Can Martha show Cookie that she has what it takes to be at home on the range? Read along in this Martha Speaks: Martha and Skits Out West Book to find out.
  • Author: White, Jamie (ADP)
  • Hardcover
  • Reading level: Ages 8-9 years
  • Publication date: 5/2/2011

SKU #: MRT-200-9780547428918

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