Olivia Imagines: A Carry Along Treasury Book

Product Description

Olivia, Ian, and Julian decide to create a backyard parade in this delightful story. Francine is invited to join in, but she decides to create her own parade instead. It's up to Olivia to convince Francine that one big, fabulous parade is better than two medium parades!
Olivia has a lively imagination, and this Olivia Imagines: A Carry Along Treasury Book features the popular children's book character. Five stories on tabbed board pages explore Olivia's vivid dreams of becoming a painter, an opera singer, a surfer, an actress, and a ballerina. A plastic handle on the spine makes it easy for little ones to take this adorable storybook wherever they go.
  • Author: Einhorn, Kama
  • Hardcover
  • Reading level: Ages 2-4 years
  • Publication date: 9/20/2011

SKU #: OLV-200-9781442420489

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