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Caillou At Play DVD

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Puppetry, magic, and sandcastles are just some of the adventures awaiting Caillou in this magnificent "Caillou" at Play story.

Come and join Caillou's party where he tries his hand at puppet theater and being a magician. One day at the park, he accidentally breaks Clementine's bucket, so Caillou offers his bucket to replace the broken one. In this compelling story, they all work together to build a sandcastle. When Leo trips and falls, Caillou is worried that it may have been his fault. Leo explains it was because he hadn't tied his shoelaces and Caillou feels much better.

    Included scenes
  • Friends
  • Three's A Crowd
  • A Friend in Need
  • Games To Play
  • Garden Zoo
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Just for Laughs
  • Caillou the Great
  • Run Time: 80 minutes

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