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GUND Uglydoll Cheesy Plush

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Cheesy would say it's nice to meet you, if he had the energy.

Cheesy is the laziest cat in the world. I mean, this cat doesn't want to do ANYTHING. Do that trick with the string so you can get on the "best funny home movies" show and win a huge ball of cash? Nope, not happening. Bring in the newspaper then? No again, this cat rolls "online only." Catch a mouse? Yeah well forget that, they've cut a deal and seem to be working together to make sure as little as possible gets done. Lazy! How about suddenly darting into another room for no reason, like most normal cats? Never! There could be inter dimensional doorways letting in sprits and ghosts right in front of you, this cat just sits there. So you're made for each other then. LOVE!

  • Measures approx. 13" H
  • Polyester Blend
  • Ages: 1+

SKU #: 55701
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