GUND Uglydoll Cold Feet Plush

Product Description

Cold Feet does things his own way, but he'll let you come along for the ride.
Cold Feet is a little unsure about how all of this is supposed to work. Ok, so let's say you do buy him and take him home with you; does he get his own room? Because Cold Feet is not really into sharing so much. He needs his own space, his own comb, his own big mug with his face on it, and he needs you to write all of this down so you don't forget it. No? Well then Cold Feet hopes that you at least know what YOU want so he can stand in the shadow of your awesome ability to get what you want, when you need it… assuming what you need is love, happiness, and freakin' awesome baked goods. Stuff like that.
  • Measures approx. 13" H
  • Polyester Blend
  • Ages: 1+

SKU #: UGD-1040-4035812-4035775

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