Disposable Helium Tank

Product Description

Don't forget the helium for the balloons! This durable helium tank combines quality with unique functionality.
This lightweight, disposable helium tank comes with an easy-fill nozzle and easy to carry handles. It can fill approximately (50) - 9" latex balloons, or (27) - 11" latex balloons with a float time of approximately 5-7 hours. The tank can fill (27) - 18" foil balloons, or (20) - 20" foil balloons with a float time of approximately 4 days. The number of latex balloons you can inflate depends on the size you choose to create. Larger sizes yield fewer filled balloons.
  • Tank holds approximately 14.9 cu. ft of helium
  • Caution: contents under pressure. Keep out of reach of children. Use this product only in well-ventilated areas. Do not fill this tank with any materials and do not store in damp areas. Keep tank away from heat, fire and sharp objects. This tank has a PSI of 260. Disposal instructions are included in the packaging.

This product is not eligible for return.

SKU #: OTH-3740-140037

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