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Supersoaker Water Blaster Iron Man

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Pump-pressured, Iron Man character-themed water blaster features dual-nozzle technology so you can choose a pinpoint stream for precision targeting or a flash flood for overpowering opponents!

Iron Man is constantly upgrading his armor and weapons to stay ahead of the bad guys. His latest invention utilizes dual-nozzle technology for the ultimate water weapon. Because the best defense in a firefight is water! Take on the bad guys just like your favorite metal-clad hero with this awesome Iron Man 2 Waterblaster! Fill up the large capacity tank and pump this pump-pressured blaster ahead of time, so it's ready when you need it. When you finally spot your "enemy," utilize this blaster's dual-nozzle technology to choose just the right water blast - a pinpoint stream for precision targeting or a flash flood of spray to overpower a whole team of villains! No matter what you choose, this blaster's CPS®* CONSTANT PRESSURE SYSTEM* technology delivers a constant, high-pressure stream of water to take out any opponents who get in your way! Ages 6 and up.

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