LEGO® Police Minifigure Collection - 7279

Product Description

Construct amazing creations for many hours of imaginative play with this spectacular LEGO® Police Minifigure Collection.
Catch the robbers before they get away with this fun LEGO® Police Minifigure Collection 7279. Caught stealing money from the ATM machine, the two robbers try to escape the police on foot. The police need the help of the trusty police dog and ATV to catch them and put them behind bars!
  • (4) minifigures
  • (2) police officers
  • (2) robbers
  • ATM machine
  • Quad bike
  • Police dog
  • Handcuffs
  • Money sack
  • Money brick
  • Flashlight

  • Police ATV measures over 2" tall

SKU #: LGO-1000-7279

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