Transformers Lights & Sounds Basic Vehicle Bumblebee

Product Description

Exciting electronic hero figure starts out in vehicle mode and flips up to robot mode to feature phrases, conversion sounds and racing sounds with flashing headlights! Includes 2 "AA" batteries. Ages 3 and up.
BUMBLEBEE is a scout, spy and warrior for the AUTOBOTS*. He is a powerful fighter who never gives up, even against impossible odds. When the DECEPTICONS* show up to cause trouble, they need to deal with BUMBLEBEE first. Rev up the robot battle excitement with lights and sounds! This awesome electronic BUMBLEBEE figure is already intimidating in robot mode, but his phrases and conversion sounds will send his enemies running! Flip him down into vehicle mode so he can chase them down with his headlights flashing and his racing sounds roaring. It sounds like this hero has what it takes to win - but only you can decide!

SKU #: TRA-1010-94997-95002

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